Dare To Love - Chalkboard Lettering with Efdot

Following our last chalkboard lettering piece, Eric Friedensohn and I collaborated again. Like we've done before, we went in not knowing what it is we would create. Because this was drawn the day before valentines we at least had a topic we wanted to cover.

Unlike our last chalkboard collaboration, Eric and I decided to do some quick sketches so that we knew exactly what it was we were getting into. This helped with style, layout, and composition. 

Photo Feb 12, 11 35 06 PM.jpg

Sketching and roughing out is really important because you are able to hammer out potential problems early on in the design process. It's not too often that I sketch on the wall but sketching out in real size helps a great deal.

We settled on the phrase "Dare To Love." The other ideas that were tossed around were phrases like, "Love to Fail" or "Dare to Fail." Failure is a necessary part of the design process. If you are not taking risks and failing, you aren't growing and learning. We ended up with Dare to Love because it hints at that concept while still giving off a positive message.

Eric put on the finishing touches. We wanted to go for something completely different from our last "Bring Your Funky Self" chalkboard piece. We simplified the color pallet, and applied a different type treatment. It was hard to wipe away our old work, but if we wanted to make it permanent, we wouldn't have done it in chalk.