Will Pay is a package designer & hand lettering artist.

Potion Absinthe

This series of 9 monograms focuses on creating fictional identities. Each monogram shares similar characteristics such as line weight, color properties and composition. The aim of this project was to demonstrate both hand lettering skill as well as digital capabilities.

Potion Absinthe - Package Design

Package Design, Lettering, Digital Rendering

Absinthe is a spirit known for its intoxicating effects. Potion Absinthe's branding invokes having your world turn upside down.

Potion Bottle with Drinking Glass Top

Potion Absinthe turns your world upside down, literally. The bottle includes a drinking glass. The logo needed to work upside down while on the bottle, and rightside up when the glass in use. An ambigram was created for the logotype so the brand name can be read regardless of orientation.