Quirky - Packaging Production Artist

Illustration, Production, Chalkboard Mural

As a production artist at Quirky, my role was to make sure that the files were print ready. Special printing techniques were used on all packaging including spot varnish, and foil stamping. Quirky invests heavily in their packaging and that meant that the production art had to be flawless. 

Quirky's Technology Packaging
Hand Illustration on Packaging
Kitchenware and Home Goods Packaging
Paperboard with seamless PET

Quirky takes their packaging just as seriously as their product. Often at times the shelf was a customers first introduction to the brand. Heavy paper stocks and special printing techniques were used to make the customer feel that the product they are holding was valuable. 

On the reverse side of all packaging, all the copy was hand written and the illustrations hand rendered. The concept being that they were supposed to look like ideas sketched on the back of a napkin. And because Quirky's products are sold internationally, the hand illustrations needed to include English, French, and Spanish. 

One of the most exciting projects came when Quirky asked me to use my lettering abilities to create an interactive chalkboard mural in their office. Every 4 months, Quirky shuts the office down for the week, allowing all employees to travel. This chalkboard was a map asking employees to label where they would be recharging over the break.