Lettering Artist & Creative Director

Matcha Packaging for Dovetail Press


The Matcha Collection from Dovetail Press

branding, Package design

The Matcha Collection is a line of products for Dovetail Press including a Matcha Shaker and a Matcha Whisk. These products were launched alongside Matcha, A Lifestyle Guide, written by Anna Kavaliunas and Jessica Flint.


Matcha Book Cover: Chris Santone

W & P Design is an innovative food and beverage design company based in Brooklyn, New York. After a successful Kickstarter for W&Pā€™s first product, the Mason Shaker, the company has since grown to create over 200 original food and beverage products. Now as a unique full-stack product design agency, the company sees ideas through from design, to manufacturing, package design, and delivery. 

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