Lettering Artist & Creative Director

Package Design for Kikkerland


Package Design for Kikkerland

branding, package design, illustration

As the Kikkerland package designer, I was responsible for every aspect of the package design process including: concept development, die line creation, graphic design, product photography, production design, and sampling from factory.


Craft Packaging for Drinkware

Paperboard Folding Carton

Unique paperboard structure

Paperboard Folding Carton

Paperboard Folding Carton

F-Flute tuck and tongue box

Craft packaging

Paper Tag, Header Card, PET Sleeve with Paperboard Insert

Art Direction: Christina Gomez

Kikkerland puts out a high volume of product, and needs a large amount of packaging delivered in a short amount of time. The unique products often rely on packaging to tell the story of each item while still keeping a consistent look and feel across a wide variety of form factors.

Kikkerland has a line of durable drinkware products in craft packaging. None of the packages have adhesives. Each package has a unique opening experience, making them great giftable items. Often at times a picture can tell the story of a product better than any amount of copy can. I illustrated the drinkware on each package, making the line have a holistic look and feel. As a result, this line of product has been one of Kikkerland's most successful products to date.

Some products present very unique challenges. The Toasty Tongs was a product that needed to stand on a shelf, be peggable, show the locking mechanism, and allow the product to be held by the customer without being taken out of the package. The solution was this unique triangular shaped package with a twist-tie to secure the Toasty Tong in place. The ask at first seemed almost impossible, and that's where great design happens.

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