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Captain's Cocktail Recipe Book


Captain’s Cocktails. A recipe book by Captain Morgan

editorial design

The Captain’s Cocktails is a recipe book by Captain Morgan himself showing 44 different ways to mix, splash, and serve Captain Morgan, all without soda.


Captain's cocktails

A cocktail book by Captain Morgan

Some people say that fun is frivolous. Captain Morgan believes that fun is so much more than just fun. Fun has power—the power to make every moment better, for everyone. Because when you choose to embrace the fun that lives inside of you, others take notice and follow.

That's what it means to live like a Captain.

When life hands you lemons, you squeeze out every drop of fresh juice into your favorite Captain cocktail. Last call at the bar just means one last opportunity to buy everyone another round. And when there isn’t a table nearby to rest your drink on, you simply raise a leg and pop it down on your knee. 


Editorial Design: Will Paybarah
Client: Captain Morgan USA
Publisher: Dovetail Press
Photographer: Scott Gordon Bleicher